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My starring short film "Incarnation" is released by "Omeleto" to all over the world.

My staring short film "Incarnation,"(Noboru Suzuki) is now available worldwide on the YouTube channel "Omeleto" which has 3.41 million registered viewers (as of the end of October 2022), as well as over 5 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tens of millions of monthly viewers.

 In a new effort to connect the next generation of filmmakers with film fans around the world, Omeleto offers films that have been nominated for or won awards at Oscar, Sundance, Cannes, and other Academy Award®-recognized festivals.

I hope you will enjoy "Incarnation" along with other great quality short films from around the world.

ABOUT "Incarnation"

"Incarnation" was selected for the ShortShorts Film Festival & Asia 2020 at the beginning, and has also been selected for the Fantasia International Film Festival, the largest genre film festival in North America, and the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, an Academy Award® accredited film festival in the U.S. and the U.K. it was selected for the Trieste Science +Fiction Film Festival in Italy, now in its 21st year, in addition this was the first time a Japanese director was selected in the short film category.

It was the first Japanese director to win the Best Screenplay Award at Terror Molins, a Spanish genre film festival in its 40th year, and won prestigious Best Fantasy Short Award at Another Hole in the Head, a genre film festival in San Fransico in its 18th year. "Incarnation" have been selected at more than 30 film festivals in Japan and abroad, including some of the world's leading genre film festivals.

About Omeleto and the article on the distribution page(in Japanese)→


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