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Shinsuke Kato


August 18, 1981 Born in Tokyo, Japan

Agency : ADONIS A

Member of "Austra Macondo"


Shinsuke Kato is known for his natural,

floating like but sensitive acting that exudes a strong spirit,
and attracts people with his  impressive leaps from depths beyond the expectation.


And Kato's uniqueness is also described as a "suicidal tendentious actor”. When he bears everything on his shoulders and gets hurt bravely, the attitude full of responsibility strikes a chord with people. 

Recent main works are

“ONODA 10,000 nights in the jungle”(Arthur Harari)

“A MAN”(Kei Ishikawa)”The Last Day”(Momi Yamashita) “Somebody's flowers”(Yusuke Okuda) “Voices in the wind”(Nobuhiro Suwa) “Ken and Kazu”(Hiroshi Shoji) and Netflix original series drama “Juon - Origins”(Sho Miyake)  “Alice in Borderland season2”(Shinsuke Sato).


The Best Upcoming actor award (Ken and Kazu) / 31st Takasaki film festival 

172 cm, 62 kg

Hobby: Coffee, public baths, traveling
Special ability: Basketball

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